Power Evangelism?

False Teaching:

“Liberation Theology,” a branch of Dominionism, teaches that we are to take over the Powers of Darkness; we are to take over the demons; and we are to dominate Satan. That's what they mean when they talk about "Power Evangelism" and "Power Healing."

Their buzz words: "Binding Satan," "Binding demons,” “Pleading the Blood against demons.”
Believers are taught they must take dominion over all of the institutions of the world, that are infiltrated and influenced by demons.


The early church did not do this. The apostle Paul was followed by a girl with a spirit of divination, and for several days he ignored it. Finally he simply commanded it to leave her. This was defensive, not offensive. Nowhere do you see Paul or any of the Apostles binding demons or having anything to do with them, except to command them to leave.

On another occasion Paul asked God to deliver him from “a messenger of Satan” that was oppressing him. The Lord said no. That ended that.