Dominionists are being urged to take a full part in all areas of the world system in order to change it from within. This can’t be done without the obedience of all its followers, so a system of leadership [discipleship] must be introduced to ensure every Christian is under authority and unable to err from the teaching.

This leadership model is the New Apostolic Reformation headed by the International Coalition of Apostles under head "apostle" C. Peter Wagner.

It excludes from the 'one world kingdom' all those who disagree with Dominionism teaching. In effect, it disinherits all other Christians from the Body of Christ. Some Dominionist fellowships teach that their Church is the only valid one, that the door to salvation is through the Church, (not Jesus Christ the Savior!) and that everyone outside of the system is outside of the Kingdom of God.

In addition to being clearly unscriptural, it leads to human arrogance and rivalry, and replaces obedience to God with submission to men.

An empire-building, self-seeking arrogance pervades much of the Dominionism leadership, and they have proven themselves closed to correction. Greed, corruption, immorality and spiritual abuses have thrived in this climate - and the teaching which focuses so much on the earth as our inheritance has led many to become so in love with this present world as to adopt most all its values.